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AKHORN Academy's goal is to provide an environment  to nurture and guide music enthusiasts to be highly skilled, stimulated, passionate, and prepared to meet the demands of our global technological music work force  whether it be in the field of teaching, producing, or performance.




AHORN Academy was founded by Aaron K. Hamilton in 2017. Aaron K. Hamilton has over 25 years of experience in performance and music education teaching in small and large classroom settings: piano, brass, voice, music theory, music history, and digital music technology to both children and adult students in numerous educational settings. Hamilton has taught in advanced and intermediate college courses, public elementary school classes, and numerous private lessons and workshops. Hamilton has worked to create inclusive and supportive classroom environments with displaying an ability to work with students of various backgrounds. Hamilton's background is in Classical and Jazz performance with his principle instrument being trumpet, and a vast study in piano and voice. 

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