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Aaron K. Hamilton


AKHorn Academy: Founded by Aaron K. Hamilton in 2016.


Background: Aaron K. Hamilton has over 25 years of experience in performance and music education teaching: piano, brass, voice, music theory, music history, and digital music technology to both children and adult in numerous educational settings. Hamilton has taught advanced and intermediate college courses, public elementary school classes, and numerous private lessons and workshops. Hamilton creates inclusive and supportive classroom environments, displaying an ability to work with students of various backgrounds.


Expertise: Classical and Jazz performance.  Principle instrument trumpet, and vast study in piano and voice.

Education: BFA/Performance & MM/Composition

Born in the blues playground of Mississippi, in the church is where Hamilton took his first musical breath. Hamilton's education on the trumpet continued in San Francisco during his formative years. His passion eventually led him on a musical journey to New York, particularly to the Manhattan School of Music and Mannes College (The New School), both on scholarships where he further trained in jazz and classical music traditions, adding piano, arranging, composing, and vocals to his repertoire.

Music has been my salvation. If I hadn’t had the teachers and mentors I had in my life, I wouldn’t have become the musician, educator, and producer I am today.  My teachers/mentors were clear and concise through the process of sharing their gift and passion for music and that’s what I plan to do at AKHorn Academy,” says Aaron K. Hamilton.

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