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AKHorn Academy’s group classes are small (6-12 students per class), intense and supportive to help each student fulfill their musical goals.


In our piano classes students learn the importance of understanding what he/she are doing while using both hands at the piano. Students identify how to employ both hands at the keyboard while developing techniques to read music.



Acquire basic proficiency in midi, sequencing, recording, editing, and mixing with Avid Pro Tools. Demonstrate professional strategies as a producer, performer and engineer. Understand and implement best practices for recording music. Collaborate in a variety of creative professional roles.


AKHorn’s music theory/musicianship class will explore skills and techniques on how to become a complete musician. Students look in depth at what to listen for in songs, techniques of reading music (sight singing), harmony (chord progressions), how to practice, piano techniques, transcribing music, and improvisation. This class is free to Students enrolled in piano or music production classes and $100 plus $35 for registration & supply/maintenance fee. 8 classes per semester (1 hour per class).


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